Right Brain

For Arts & Engineering, Right Brain is predominantly about building furniture.

I grew up with a father that was an art teacher, painter, writer, and designer. Over years of being around him, I learned to joy of working with my hands, the satisfaction of creating something from the reaches of my imagination, fashioning it with my own hands (well, and some serious power tools).

As it turns out, my talent lies in working with wood, metal, and stone. I use them all to create custom furniture.

I work with hard woods from certified FAS sources and recycled and reclaimed materials. I do my own metal work as well.

All furniture is made to order and to fit. Each one of my chairs, for example, is designed for the person who is going to sit in it - the curve of your back, the length of your legs - the furniture fits you. You don't have to fit the furniture.


 3 Furies

These are examples of my Adirondack chairs, a classic style that I've tried to upgrade and refine. The left photograph is of Three Furies, a chair that combines madrona, lignum vitae, and Indian rosewood with a curved steel cradle supporting the back. All parts are custom made. One of the beautiful features of this chair is that - other than the screws holding the steel cradle to the wood - all the joints are wooden. The finish is multiple hand-rubbed coats of linseed oil with a color tint underlay.

The right photograph is of Three Graces, a chair made in a similar style, with a steel cradle supporting the back and arms. However, this chair is put together with silicon brass hardware, which is both attractive and impervious to water. Like Three Furies, Three Graces is finished with natural oils, though the wood is not tinted.

Tables and Benches

These are examples of my benches and small tables. Both are made with square tube steel legs supporting a top frame. The frame supports a wood or stone top. The left photo is Lei Lani, with a top manufactured from reclaimed a bowling alley lane.

The right photo is a similar design, to be used as a side table for interior or outdoor spaces, and uses a hand cut slab of two inch thick blue slate as the top.

Custom Work

I am always interested in taking on a new and unique project. In recent months, that's included a ladder for a studio loft, a bed frame (see above), and the Wizard's Chamber for a production of The Wizard of Oz - this last one combined design, fabrication, and electricity, and was an absolute hoot to build.

Current made-to-order work includes a new side table (for myself) (see Current Projects), a flying bed frame and giant Playskol blocks, both for theater productions.

If you have a custom project you would like to chat about, I'm always game. If I don't think I can do what you want, it's highly likely I know someone who can.