Arts & Engineering started in 2007 (by Hunter S. Fulghum PE - that would be me) as a means to provide technical, creative, and other services.  At the time we weren't sure where it would go.

We still don't know, but we understand that this - not knowing and not having a particular goal in mind - is the point.

There is not specific mission to A&E, no specific service set beyond solving problems.  We take on projects that call for the training and discipline of engineers and other professionals and match that with creativity.  Yes, solutions should be based on fact and math and science and numbers.  But best results come when we remember that most projects are - ultimately - about people, not things.  And for that we need to ask different questions:

What if? 

Why is it being done? 

What drives it? 

What and who are in the way?  How do we get them to be part of the solution, and barring that, how do we get them to step out of the way?

These are not easy questions to answer.

But then, we don't do easy. That wouldn't be any fun.

Values and Filters

Useful, meaningful, interesting, positive.

Those are the four core ideas that come to mind when we think about what Arts & Engineering looks for in projects.  Making a living and paying the bills are certainly important, but are never the primary consideration.